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Welcome to the Quickdat Data Solutions Fast Statistics web site!

About Quickdat Data Solutions:

Quickdat Data Solutions is a parent web site for making available resources of different types and purposes developed by the auther;  Currently, there are two different sites that are under development, a site for developing data entry forms and another for producing statistics from data you may have already collected.  You are currently on the statistics site.  To access the form development site, please connect to http://designasurvey.com

About the developer:

The author for this site is a retired software developer who is using his 40+ years of experience in developing databases and web applications for national clinical trials research programs to make
available statistical applications that others might use for quickly generating basic statistics (frequencies, means, standard deviations, etc.) on data that they may have.  The developer is developing
these applications free of charge and as time permit to stay active in software development, to keep his aging brain active,  and to satisfy his desire to share his experience with others as a public service.


Although the results produced by these applications using the example data provide have been tested against results produced by other statistical applications, data can vary by many types and circumstances.  As such, the developer makes no claims and takes no responsibity that the results produced are 100 percent correct and suggest that the user reviews any results produced carefully before accepting as accurate.  In addition, this web site is made available using the free development resources provided by the Microsoft Azure services.  Although this is a wonderful service that Microsoft provides, there are some resources that could be used such as reporting services that are not available under these services that are available under paid sites.  Therefore, the results produced may not be as nicely formatted as the auther would like.  In addition, the auther cannot afford to pay for commercial services and as such, this site could be removed without notice in the future.  Until such time that these policies are changed, the author hopes to continue enhancing and adding new resources to this site.